Transition Training ™

Transition Training ™

  • Do you want to start getting fit but don't really know where to start?
  • Do the words health, fitness and gym fill you with dread?
  • Are you confused about all the conflicting information that you hear day in day out about diet and fitness?
  • Have you been hearing about all the latest fitness crazes, classes and
    dance moves?
  • Are your friends well fit or ripped and you are fed up looking at and listening to them, are you secretly envious of them?
  • Have you been fit in the past and just need that reintroduction to getting
    back into shape?

Well if you have answered YES to any... or all!... of these questions you are not alone and I truly understand where you are coming from. It's all about timing and now it's your time to decide to commit to a new you.

I have 3 packages to help you on your journey 1 step at a time.

Back to Basics

Did you know that the human body is not yet fully understood so don't let the latest expert or the latest fancy product marketing campaign trick you into thinking they know what's best for you, turns out YOU know what's best for you once you have the knowledge and thats exactly what i will give you. You will succeed once you have the knowledge. Just because food is on supermarket shelves it does not automatically mean it is what you should be eating. With this package we take things right back to basics and learn what fitness and nutrition really means to you and how your fitness is unique to you and your abilities and attitude and that you are in complete control of your performance and success. You will be supported with food diary and lifestyle analysis and you will no longer be in denial about your health and fitness. Are you ready for a fresh start?

Transition Into Exercise Classes

The list of exercise classes is endless from Aerobics to Zumba but if you are unfamiliar with the routines or have never been in an exercise studio in your life this environment can be intimidating. I know, I felt it when I first started. The benefits of attending these classes are well known and compliment your training programme. This transition package gets you there. I come to you and we go through the basic routines and moves in the comfort of your own home and then I come with you to the classes until you are happy to fly on your own. Let's go! What are you waiting for ?!

The Gym

Who invented gyms? Should be shot!! Let me try to change that feeling although I completely understand the gym can be a very intimidating environment but are you assuming everyone knows what they are doing? Do they? Well you WILL once you have completed this package. I will start with the basics of cardiovascular and resistance training, you will learn how to master the machines in the gym, I know some of them look like torture devices! We will do all this with exclusive access to the gym when it is shut so you have complete privacy*. This means you build your knowledge and confidence slowly in a completely private environment. You will never look back and the next thing you know you'll be looking forward to going.

*weekends only

Single Package -
£99 includes free Personal Training Session.

3 Packages together -
£149 includes 1 months free gym membership and promotional rate if joining the gym at the end of the training.