REAL PEOPLE, REAL RESULTS with Fiona McLean Fitness

Why choose Fiona McLean Fitness?

Well the answer is simple. Personal Trainers can generally be put into 3 categories, those that go through the motions, those that talk too much and those who push your boundaries so you succeed and exceed your goals. I push boundaries. Think Gillian in the biggest loser. I am committed and dedicated to supporting you, supporting you reach your fitness goals whatever they may be and making sure there is a lot of fun and laughter along the way. To be honest, if you are not enjoying getting fit then I am really not doing my job properly.

Enough... here's what some of my clients have to say...

Chris Davies, 30,
Sales Director,

I've Lost 11lbs, 7 inches off my waist and my body fat has reduced by 3% in the last 5 weeks training with Fiona. I met Fiona through attending Abbey Mill Fitness Club and I have to say she has changed the way I think about fitness and nutrition. My personal goals were to lose weight and build muscle and without Fiona I couldn't have targeted my fitness programme any better. My journey was driven by my personal goals and every training session and even every exercise is centred around the end game of what I wanted to achieve. Fiona has given me the confidence as well as the knowledge to now go forward and change my lifestyle for the better, her attitude, friendly nature and determination to succeed can only be a positive for any potential client, Thanks

Lynsey Weir, 41,
Executive Coach,

A friend recommended Fiona to me and I contacted her because I wanted my butt kicked and really pushed to do the things I hate i.e. running, sit ups, push ups, squats (all the stuff I avoid at the gym) so I went for the Bootcamp package and I have been really impressed at Fiona's comittment and determination to get me to where I need to be. If you think Gillian in The Biggest Loser that's Fiona. I want to be fab in my 40's and my ultimate goal is to run a Marathon so once I have finished my Bootcamp wake up call I am going to continue my training with Fiona to get over the line at that marathon. For me fitness is part of the overall package, I am motivated by achievement, I am really mentally strong and have achieved my other goals but fitness is part of the overall package, and it is now time for me, having got off the corporate ladder, a strong woman needs a strong body and it is great to train with Fiona as she understands all of this, can relate to me really well and most importantly pushes my boundaries. Health is my main focus with a number of hereditary family factors including Type 1 diabeties for 2 generations, Thyroid problems, Osteoperosis, I have just had all my bloods checked and am good, but want it to stay that way! Thanks Fiona, you've got me on the right track!

Adam Whitehead, 24,
Sales Advisor,

My experiences of training with Fiona has been nothing short of excellent. It can be said Fiona is a more than just a personal trainer, she is a great motivator, friendly, approachable and always has my goals and targets in mind when implementing training programmes. Her vast knowledge in the industry and attention to detail makes her stand out from the bunch. My cardio work outs have never been so effective & has got me enjoying using the treadmill... Her group training sessions, especially gym based boxing is a great all body work out, after a hard day at the 9-5 grind. Keep up the good work Fee!

Gavin Dalgleish, 28,
Gym Instructor,
East Renfrewshire

Since I first met Fiona in the gym she has always been full of energy and enthusiastic. I've learned, from getting to know her, that she is a very driven and passionate individual when it comes to her own fitness goals. Fiona has since expanded her fitness knowledge so she can pass on those valuable traits through an easy going, fun loving and exciting personality. She always has great ideas, when it comes to exercise, so things will never get boring or stale, keeping you focused on your achievements and reaching your goals. Fiona understands everyone has different levels of ability, so through her great listening skills and professional fitness testing methods she will create the perfect workout for you to ensure you will succeed.